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BPR & Associates Pty Ltd provides pragmatic, timely, and cost-effective industrial relations advice and solutions. 

Established in 2011, we have been working with large and small employers,  and also individual employees, in various industries, including manufacturing, distribution, vehicle, FMCG, aviation, and retail.


Whilst based in Melbourne, Victoria, we can provide assistance at any location. Previous engagements have involved working with clients in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand.


Headed up by founder Brendan Richardson, our focus is on providing practical and enduring workplace strategies and outcomes. We recognize that most clients are not interested in engaging so called 'experts', who are simply interested in 'practicing the art of industrial relations'. Our approach is drawn from more than 35 years' hands on IR experience across Australia.


We can assist you with a range of industrial relations services including enterprise agreement negotiations, advice on award related matters, employment legislation, dispute resolution, performance management, unfair dismissals, adverse action claims, and employment contracts.   

We can also provide in-house training designed specifically to meet your organization's needs for senior management, line management, and other staff, on a range of industrial relations topics and issues, which include: 

  • Making enterprise agreements;
  • Dealing with union and employee representatives;
  • Understanding your awards and legislation; and
  • Dispute resolution

For expert industrial relations advice, call Brendan Richardson at BPR & Associates Pty Ltd today on 0417 941 554.




In its 2017-18 Annual Report, the Fair Work Commission reported that there were 721 applications made during that period for orders to stop bullying at work. While most of these applications did not result in orders being issued, they can still involve significant time, costs, and the tying up of resources. 

It is therefore essential that employers develop, and implement, appropriate and effective policies and procedures for dealing with bullying and other workplace complaints if they arise. This includes having proper processes in place for investigating bullying and other workplace complaints.


Under the Private Security Act 2004 (Vic.) it is an offence to act as an investigator without the appropriate private security licences, unless an exemption applies.


Whilst there is some debate as to whether or not workplace investigations conducted by external investigators are covered by this legislation, if they are, then an investigator who wrongly holds out that they can conduct such investigations might be subject to prosecution, and the investigation itself might also be challenged as having been conducted unlawfully. 

If you currently use an external investigator, is that person recognized or  licensed under the Private Security Act 2001 (Vic.)?

Brendan Richardson, of BPR & Associates Pty Ltd, holds a current Private Security Individual Licence for the purpose of conducting investigations in Victoria. He has been engaged by law firms and employers to conduct workplace investigations involving complaints and allegations of bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination, and misconduct in various industries. 

For your next workplace investigation, call Brendan Richardson at BPR & Associates Pty Ltd on  0417 941 554.




If you require athlete representation, BPR & Associates Pty Ltd offers a dedicated approach in providing  advice and support in all your professional sport endeavours. 

Brendan Richardson, founder and director of BPR & Associates Pty Ltd, is also an accredited AFLPA player agent. He also has links with international full-service sports agencies, which can provide you with the full range of athlete management services worldwide. 

If you already have an athlete advisor or agent, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Does your agent represent any athletes at the same club/team as you?
  • What are your agent's professional qualifications, experience, and record?
  • Does your agent handle your income or other funds?
  • Did your agent offer you inducements to sign with him/her? 
  • Has your agent indicated that he/she has violated any codes and rules/laws?
  • How much time does your agent spend with you?

Above all else, you must trust your adviser/agent. He or she must have integrity, be honest, and competent. 

As a professional athlete, you strive to be the best, so why settle for second best when managing your career and future? 

For a free initial consultation call Brendan Richardson at BPR & Associates Pty Ltd on 0417 941 554. 


Note: Only Agents who are accredited by the AFL Players’ Association may negotiate a standard playing contract between a Player and an AFL Club.  

“Negotiate” in this context refers not only to the final “signing off” of a player’s contract, but the full process of discussing, dealing, and bargaining with Clubs with regards to any proposed contract. 


Important Note

Note: BPR & Associates Pty Ltd provides industrial relations advisory and athlete representation services only. It does not provide legal or accounting services or advice. The information provided in this website is general information only, and should not be relied upon by any party as the supply of legal or accounting services, industrial relations advice, or athlete management  advice, on any particular matter. Specific advice based on your specific circumstances should always be sought separately before taking any action. No liability will be accepted by BPR & Associates Pty Ltd in relation to the use of any information contained in this website by any other parties.