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Workplace Investigations

Did you know that?

  • The Fair Work Commission in its quarterly report for the period 1 October 2016 to 31 December 2016 advised that during this period there were 163 applications made for orders to stop bullying at work (203 in the previous quarter). For the year ended June 2016 there were 734 such applications.  It is critical that employers properly investigate bullying complaints made by employees.
  • Under the Private Security Act 2004 (Vic.) it is an offence to act as an investigator without the appropriate private security licences, unless an exemption applies.
  • It is, however, unclear whether or not workplace investigations are covered by this legislation.
  • If they are, then an investigator who wrongly holds out that they can conduct such investigations might be subject to prosecution, and the investigation outcomes might also be challenged as having been conducted unlawfully.

Peace of mind

Brendan Richardson of BPR & Associates Pty Ltd holds a current Private Security Individual Licence for the purpose of conducting investigations in Victoria.

He has conducted many workplace investigations including into complaints and allegations of bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination, and misconduct in various industries.

For your next future workplace investigation contact Brendan on 0417 941 554. 

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