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Athlete Representation You Can Trust

What have you done today to play in the AFL ?

If you require athlete representation, BPR & Associates Pty Ltd offers a new and dedicated approach in providing  advice and support in all your professional sport endeavours. Brendan Richardson, founder and director of BPR & Associates Pty Ltd, is also an accredited AFLPA player agent. He also has links with international full-service sports agencies, which can provide you with the full range of athlete management services worldwide.

If you already have an athlete advisor or agent, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your agent represent any athletes at the same club/team as you?
  • What are your agent's professional qualifications, experience and record?
  • Does your agent handle your income or other funds?
  • Did your agent offer you inducements to sign with him/her?
  • Has your agent indicated that he/she has violated any codes and rules/laws?
  • How much time does your agent spend with you?

Above all else, you must trust your adviser/agent. He or she must have integrity, be honest, and competent.

As a professional athlete, you strive to be the best, so why settle for second best when managing your career and future?

Note: Only agents who are accredited by the AFL Players’ Association may negotiate a standard playing contract between a Player and an AFL Club.  “Negotiate” in this context refers not only to the final “signing off” of a player’s contract, but the full process of discussing, dealing, and bargaining with Clubs with regards to any proposed contract.

For representation you can trust - contact Brendan Richardson at BPR & Associates Pty Ltd today on 0417 941 554 for a no obligation, free initial consultation.
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